The company started doing business in the processing of vegetables in 1997. We are a BBBEE Recognition Company with BEE Status Level 4. We are a fully operational company with all the necessary office equipment, communication systems, human resources and processing facility with necessary equipment to process all the fruit and vegetables by ourselves.


Direct supply of fruit and vegetables from the farm.


We have contracts with farmers directly so most of the vegetables processed in the factory comes from the farm directly, which puts us in a position where we can quote and maintain better prices to our customers. We do not rely on the fresh produce market alone for the supply of fruit and vegetables and therefore we can maintain a more steady supply to our customers. At the present time the factory produces more than 450 000 kg of processed vegetables per month.


Our  factory  produces  more

than  450  000kg  of  fresh

sliced,  diced,  roundels,  julienne,  chips, grated,  peeled,  and  halved

vegetables  per  month

The company spends hundreds of thousands of rands every year in buying new and improved processing and cutting machines.


In 2001

we imported a bean sniper from Germany that increased our bean cutting production to 600kg per hour and at the same time automated the bean production line, which in the end increased the hygiene of the product.


In 2003

we imported a trans-vers cutter (FAM TS-1D) from Belgium that increased all the vegetables cross cuts (Carrots, Potato, Sweet potato and Pumpkin) to 3000 kg per hour. This machine not only increased the cutting volumes but the quality of cuts as well. For example a carrot rounded cut with this machine will be 6mm on the one side of the rounded and exactly 6mm on the other side.


In 2005

we imported an M&P onion peeler from Great Britain which pushed up the peeling capacity of large onions to 800kg per hour.


In 2006 & 2007

respectively we imported two new Vanmark abrasive peelers from North America that tripled the peeling volumes of all root crops.


In 2008

we imported a Kronen dicer from Germany. This machine not only increased the cutting volumes but the quality of diced and julienne products.  We are now able to dice from 5 x 5 to 20 x 20mm. The quality of julienne cuts with this machine is now incredible.


In 2009

we imported the first Eillert leave cutter from the Netherlands to South Africa, this machine increased our cutting capacity on Cabbage and Spinach to 4000kg per hour.



In 2012

we imported a Fam ILC dicer that pushed the factories dicing capacity up to 8000kg’s per hour.


In 2014 & 2016

we imported 2 Electrolux root crop graters that pushed the grating capacity up to 2500 kg per hour.


From arrival to delivery all our

products are kept at approx.

5 degrees centigrade to

maintain optimal freshness.

All the vegetables processed at this factory by one of our 105 staff members will be offloaded into a cold room and will be kept at +/-  5 degrees centigrade right through the process. Delivering of the products will be done by us with one of our 9 refrigerated vehicles and again it will be kept at +/- 5 degrees centigrade. The vegetables are handled, kept and transported under strict hygiene conditions. Offloading will be done by our delivery people that are trained to make sure that the fresh produce be handled in the proper manner and offloaded directly into a cold room, thus enabling us to guarantee the product for a 3 (three) day period after production.


The company has measures in place with quality control programs to ensure that the end product reaches the consumer in mint condition. The following policies are in place.







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